Hapo-G Top Tube Phone Bag


Hapo-G Top Tube Phone Bag

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High quality, water resistant, top tube phone frame bag.

  • Three straps attach it to your bike: 2 with anti-slip padding go around the top tube and one around the stem.

  • Base is shaped to provide a snug, curved fit around top tube.

  • Made with waterproof materials, but the stitched parts are not fully sealed. So it is water-resistant (will take a rain shower), but is not 100% waterproof.

  • Phone sits in the top section which also has a storage area for keys, money etc.

  • The lower storage compartment as more space, suitable for gels, a tube etc.

  • Phone screens work as normal through the window (note most thumb print scanners do not work through the window)

  • Suitable for phones approx. 145x75mm. (We've tried a Galaxy Note 2 and it was a very tight squeeze)

  • Window size: 120x75mm

  • External bag sizes: 175mm long, 110mm wide, 105mm high.

  • Weight: 150g

Model number Hapo-G 11202181

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